MAGA rioter arrested with help from helmeted fashion photos and accessories he showed off online
Kene Brian Lazo (US government)

Kene Brian Lazo was dressed to stand out in a crowd during the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, but that sartorial splendor helped lead to his arrest by the FBI.

Lazo, of Norfolk, VA, was arrested Friday on charges of unlawful and violent entry and disorderly conduct at the Capitol. Like hundreds of others, Lazo's social-media posts helped authorities identify him, but his fashion statements made it a little easier.

The FBI was led by a tip to a Facebook page labeled "Fam Council" which displayed a man at the Capitol with a helmet emblazoned with a company logo "Rodbustars," the bureau's criminal complaint against Lazo stated. When agents investigated, they found that Lazo and his wife Jen owned a company with that name, along with operating the Facebook page.

Lazo was identified as posting about going to Washington D.C. and being inside the Capitol. And there was this:

"In a separate post on January 5, Lazo posted multiple photos of himself in the outfit he planned to wear on January 6, along with his accessories," the FBI report stated in displaying a five-photo fashion spread. The photos showed Lazo in the dark helmet and goggles, wearing flashy boots and having his shoulders draped with an American flag.

Lazo is shown holding a broomlike object attached to a round sign adorned with wording such as "False Media=Coup," "Mail-in Fraud=Coup and "Coup-Flu Fighter" (the "t" being shown as a crucifix).

In a Facebook conversation, "one user said, "You look like Superman Brian. Stay safe and healthy always, to which Lazo says, "I will be the only 1 with a boi boi representing Asians." The FBI agent noted, "Based on our investigation, I believe the "boi boi" refers to a Walis Tambo broom, commonly used in the Philippines.

"Lazo later posted, "I took the boi boi to the Capitol and swept the floor literally."

The FBI report stated, "Several people commented on these photos. After one user suggested Lazo wear a blade in his boot, Lazo responded it would be illegal and that he instead would be carrying pepper spray and a baton. Lazo also commented, 'if shit hits the fan, I will get some dead guys gear and guns if it comes down to it.'"

You can read the FBI charges here.