'We just couldn't stay': Confederate store with KKK merchandise causes business to relocate
Confederate flag waving on the wind (Shutterstock)

Backlash against a Civil War store in Georgia has caused a longtime business to relocate outside of city limits.

Eaton Chiropractic in Kennesaw has been in business for three decades, but moved its practice after Wildman’s Civil War Surplus re-opened in June.

“We decided we just couldn’t stay here anymore. We decided to sell the building and move after the city renewed Wildman’s business license or actually created a new business license for them,” owner Cristina Welsh told Atlanta radio station 95.5 WSB.

“They are saying none of the flags can be taken down because they are covered by state statute and that state statute only covers state monuments and government buildings. It does not cover a private retail business that makes money off the sale of confederate flags,” said Welsh.

The station reported, "There is KKK merchandise inside of the store and many of the items in the museum section depict black people in a derogatory way. When concerns grew over the re-opening of the Wildman’s, the city said Wildman’s is legally entitled to have a business license and is up to code. The city also said it wouldn’t take sides."

Moving into the building is a female minority-owned business that will be a photography studio and event space.

The manager of Wildman’s Civil War Surplus, Marjorie Lyon said, “We have an array of relics, artifacts, reference material. It’s not just on the Klan. It’s not just on the confederacy."

In June, Kennesaw City Councilman James "Doc" Eaton resigned his seat after being "fed up" with the store.

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