Amendment 2 fails allowing abortion to remain a constitutional right in Kentucky
An activist protests in support of the right to have an abortion in Washington in January 2018 NORTH AMERICA/AFP/File / ALEX WONG

Republicans supported a woman's right to choose in Kentucky on Tuesday night, according to election results.

In a smackdown, voters both supported Republican candidates like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and they voted to ensure abortion stayed legal.

It isn't the only state where abortion has been on the ballot. In Vermont, the state voted to codify abortion rights. California also voted to uphold abortion rights. Montana, with 85.7 percent reporting had 55.6 percent in support of abortion rights.

The Wall Street Journal reported close to midnight eastern that the constitutional amendment trying to stop abortion was trailing.

There were reports that the election was bringing more women out to the polls, fearful about their freedoms and liberty being taken away. It appears that Americans are delivering a decisive message to Republicans that they are out of step with even their own voters.