Fox News hires Trump official with ‘absolutely no journalism experience’ as DC editor: report
Fox News screengrab.

According to an announcement from Fox News, the network is hiring Kerri Kupec, who served as former Attorney General Williams Barr's spokesperson during the Trump administration, saying she will be involved with story selection and will work under the Vice President of DC news, Doug Rohrbeck.

"Ms. Kupec will participate in story selection under the oversight of Mr. Rohrbeck. She is the former director of public affairs and counselor to Attorney General William Barr where she served as chief spokesperson for the Department of Justice," the network said in an announcement. "She was also a member of the Presidential Transition Team in 2016 and assisted the Office of White House Counsel's U.S. Supreme Court confirmation team in 2018. Prior to this role, Ms. Kupec held a clerkship for Virginia's Court of Appeals under the Honorable William Petty and went on to be legal communications director and legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom in Washington."

But in a tweet this Thursday, the Daily Beast's Justin Baragona says Kupec has "absolutely no journalism experience" and shared a link to her Linkedin profile.