WATCH: Republican senator hijacks Judge Jackson’s hearing with abortion rant

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) attacked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on abortion during a prime-time on Tuesday evening.

Blackburn attacked Jackson for language in a brief she filed as a young attorney. At issue was anti-choice activists who would shout at women entering abortion clinics. Blackburn, who is not an attorney but does have a degree in home economics from Mississippi State, suggested "incendiary rhetoric" about clinic protesters was actually a smear on all women who support any limits on abortion.

"I'm a pro-life woman. 79% of the American women (sic) support restrictions of some type on abortion," Blackburn claimed. "And so, I find it incredibly concerning that someone who is nominated to a position with life tenure on the Supreme Court holds such a hostile view toward a view that is held as a mainstream belief, that every life is worth protecting."

But Blackburn didn't have her facts straight. CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale noted "it wasn't a general insult of pro-life people."

Blackburn went on to describe Roe v. Wade as "one of the most brazen acts of judicial activism."


Marsha Blackburn