CNN reporter breaks down Kevin McCarthy's 'bad week' -- and warns it's 'likely to get worse'
Kevin McCarthy on Facebook.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is likely to face even greater troubles following the release of tapes showing how some in GOP leadership viewed former President Donald Trump — and other members of the caucus.

"There's fallout tonight — yet more fallout — from newly revealed marks by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy after Jan. 6, raising concerns that some far-right Republicans might actually be inciting violence," CNN's Wolf Blitzer reported." McCarthy faced his GOP colleagues and defended his comments."

For analysis, Blitzer interviewed CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel.

"How much do these new tapes jeopardize McCarthy's quest to become the House speaker, assuming the Republicans win the majority in the midterm elections in November?" Blitzer asked.

"It's a big problem," Gangel replied. "This was a bad week for Kevin McCarthy — it is likely to get worse."

"His dream job is to be Speaker and you don't make friends with these recordings," she explained. "This is a question of math. If the Republicans take the House, he will need every vote. We just heard from a couple members who don't look like they are going to vote for him."


Kevin McCarthy