GOP leader Kevin McCarthy's staff calls DC Police officer a liar — then hang up on him as he attempted a meeting
House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (Screen cap).

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Wednesday refused to meet with a DC Metropolitan police officer who wanted to talk to him about the attack on Jan. 6.

"I just spoke with a very upset Officer Michael Fanone. It's #PoliceWeek and for weeks," tweeted Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), "Fanone has made multiple requests to talk to @GOPLeader. He wants to show McCarthy what he experienced on 1/6. Today he was hung up on by McCarthy's staff. RT if Kevin should meet a hero."

Michael Fanone was the DC Metropolitan police officer who had a heart attack and concussion during the attack. In a conversation with CNN host Don Lemon, Fanone said that he has suffered serious post-traumatic stress disorder and thought that during the attack he was about to die.

Speaking to MSNBC's Joy Reid, Swalwell said that McCarthy's office is calling Fanone "a liar," saying that he never called them. In fact, Fanone said that he called them again today and they hung up on him.