'Withhold the funding': Fox News hosts push Kevin McCarthy to defund the FBI
Fox News/screen grab

The hosts of Fox & Friends encouraged House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to defund the FBI if Republicans take control of Congress and he becomes Speaker of the House.

"Some people have said, if the Republicans win in the midterms, it just puts the brakes on what Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing," Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy noted. "But you're saying, with you as the Speaker and Republicans in the majority in Congress that we can actually reverse these things."

McCarthy said that he hoped Republicans would win both the Senate and the House to have "stronger levers" to use against President Joe Biden's administration.

"So, you're promising to withhold funding for, let's say, whether it's the FBI or whatever the organization that you're investigating, if they are not transparent, if they do not make real reforms, then you're willing to withhold the funding?" Campos-Duffy asked.

"We can bring in the whole cabal, or we can go specifically into the areas that are causing this problem and removing their funding," McCarthy agreed. "But more importantly, why don't we just hold them accountable?"

"By that, you mean hearings and oversight showing what they've done," co-host Pete Hegseth observed.

"It's not just a hearing," McCarthy said. "It's laying out the truth and then it's correcting the process."

Watch the video clip below from Fox News.