Sheriff recommends charging Oklahoma governor’s son for underage bender
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (Twitter).

Five days before the 2022 election, Republican Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt's son, John, was arrested for a DUI in a car full of guns. There wasn't a peep about it until after the election, however. Now, the strong arm of the law is coming down on Stitt's son.

The Oklahoman reported Monday that Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux said that no one should be given special treatment and Stitt's son wasn't in this situation. He stands by his deputy's actions on Oct. 31, he said.

Despite the district attorney receiving the recommendation by the Sheriff's Department, no charges have yet been filed.

The incident happened in Guthrie, Oklahoma outside of a Halloween haunted house. There were many guns in the car, including one gun that was registered to the governor. The governor's son is 20 years old and was intoxicated while driving.

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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which provides security to the governor and his family, came to the scene to pick up Stitt's son and drive him home at taxpayer expense.

"According to an incident report from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, a Deputy said they found a hard case of firearms in the parking lot of the business," said Fox25 in a previous story. "According to the report, the box contained two rifles, two pistols, several magazines, and ammunition. Deputies said Stitt's 20-year-old son John then walked up to them and told them that the box belonged to him, and that he was the Governor’s son. According to the report, Stitt's son admitted to deputies he was intoxicated on alcohol and that one of the firearms belonged to the Governor."

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