Trump-loving NFL player suggests he'll enclose himself in plexiglass rather than get vaccinated

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is still not getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus even though he just spent the past five days being quarantined after being exposed to an infected teammate.

Cousins, who played golf with and received phone calls from former President Donald Trump during his one term in office, told reporters on Thursday that his decision to not get vaccinated is "personal," and said that he would think of other ways to try to keep himself from getting sick during the NFL season.

"Cousins said he has thought about surrounding himself with plexiglass in the QB room," reports ESPN's Kevin Seifert. "He was asked why he would go to such lengths when a vaccine would be far more effective and efficient. He said the decision is personal and private."

Even though Cousins is refusing to get vaccinated, he did credit the fact that he was wearing a mask with the fact that he wasn't infected by his COVID-positive teammate.

"The protocols worked," he said, according to Pro Football Talk.