South Dakota governor vows to make an even more restrictive anti-abortion law than Texas's bounty program
Kristi Noem -- RNC screenshot

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem isn't about to let Texas beat her state when it comes to having the most restrictive anti-abortion laws on the books.

The Argus Leader reports that Noem is taking advantage of the Supreme Court ruling allowing the new Texas law to go into effect to push for even more restrictions in her state.

"Following the Supreme Court's decision to leave the pro-life law in place, I have directed the Unborn Child Advocate in my office to immediately review the new law and current South Dakota laws to make sure we have the strongest pro life laws on the books," she announced on Thursday.

Although women in South Dakota are currently barred from getting abortions after 22 weeks of gestation, Texas's law goes even further by allowing citizens to file lawsuits against anyone who gets an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Noem earlier this year told the Argus Leader that she favors a total ban on all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.