'Intolerable': Judge rebukes Michigan GOP candidate's efforts to throw out ballots
Judge with Gavel (Shutterstock)

Kristina Karamo, the far-right Trump-backed candidate for Michigan secretary of state, received a scathing rebuke from Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny over her campaign's efforts to throw out thousands of absentee ballots

Fox 2 Detroit reports that Kenny accused Karamo's legal team of not even offering a "shred of evidence" to justify their claims that absentee ballots are subject to fraud and therefore must be thrown out en masse.

"On numerous occasions, plaintiffs have asserted the Detroit City Clerk's procedures... violate Michigan election laws and are reflective of corruption in our states largest city," Kenny wrote. "Plaintiffs failed to, in a full day evidentiary hearing, to produce any shred of evidence. No exhibits, no testimony from any of the plaintiffs, no evidence... indicates the procedures for the November 8, 2022 election violate Michigan election laws."

Kenny also slammed the broad scope of Karamo's lawsuit and decried the debilitating impact it would have on the American republic were it to succeed.

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"The preliminary injunction would serve to disenfranchise tens of thousands of eligible voters in the city of Detroit," he wrote. "Such harm to the citizens of the city of Detroit, and by extension the citizens of the state of Michigan, is not only unprecedented, it is intolerable. The harm to the public interest if the injunction is issued is incalculable."

Karamo has become notorious for making inflammatory statements throughout her campaign. In addition to leveling conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being "stolen" from former President Donald Trump, she has also alleged that Democratic lawmakers drink the blood of human babies.

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