Kyrsten Sinema 'made us wait two years': Joe Manchin rants about Dem senator who refuses to be a team player
Kyrsten Sinema (AFP)

Joe Manchin is not happy about his colleague Kyrsten Sinema after she forced Democrats to wait for two years before they could pass the light version of Joe Biden's "Build Back Better," which garnered no Republican support.

“We had a senator from Arizona who basically didn’t let us go as far as we needed to go with our negotiations and made us wait two years," ranted Manchin in a video at a roundtable Friday. "Those type of things — I don’t question anybody, everyone’s responding to their own constituent base. But we did get something. And it’s the first time we made a positive move in that."

There are two senators from Arizona, but Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was always a supporter of the legislation, which sends tons of aid to his state. Sinema, however, was a "no" until the last minute.

When Biden signed the bill this week, Manchin got the pen he used to sign it. Sinema wasn't even on stage with the Democratic lawmakers.

Arizona voters have soured on Sinema over the past few years she's been in office, NPR reported last year. Already some of the activists who pushed to get her elected and helped raise her campaign money, have abandoned her. At the same time, the top military advisers to her campaign penned a letter quitting her veterans council.

Her approval rating at home continues to make her unelectable in 2024 with only 42 percent of voters, and just 34 percent of Democrats, who approve of her, said a recent Courier Newsroom/Data for Progress poll. If a well-liked Democratic member of Congress were to run against her in the Arizona primary, she will be kicked out of office.

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