Former Kyrsten Sinema adviser calls her out on CNN: 'Without voting rights, we can't have a strong democracy'
Kyrsten Sinema (AFP)

On CNN Friday, Sylvia Andersh, a former adviser to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), opened up about why she and several other advisers stepped down from their roles — and expressed the hope that it was pushing the senator to change her opposition to the progressive agenda, from letting Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices to reforming Senate rules that let the GOP block bills to protect voting rights.

"We did this a few weeks ago," said Andersh. "We came together and we decided that we were not pleased with the way this — she was behaving and carrying on. So we wanted to give her this message and tell her how we felt about it. And I'm glad that there is some changes that seem to be happening. Hopefully this has had some impact."

"You feel she might be coming around?" asked anchor John Berman.

"I would love to hope so," said Andersh. "I know that there was some changes yesterday in some of the things that she was saying or some leaks or whatever it was that they were talking about ... But I know that I have deep and sincere wishes that she will come to the table and really negotiate. And I know she's a strong woman, and I'm hoping for the best."

"Do you feel somehow that she changed or when you signed up to be on the veterans council, do you think she was one thing and now you don't?"

"Well, definitely we worked very hard to get her elected," said Andersh. "And she — she ran on prescription drug prices, and, you know, helping veterans. We have a lot of concerns right now about voting rights and that really came to us as a very, very significant problem. Without voting rights, we can't have a strong democracy, and right now the Republicans are really making an effort, especially in Arizona, to limit our rights. And there are half a million veterans in the state of Arizona and many of those have PTSD and, you know, physical disabilities that make it difficult if not impossible for them to — to participate in our democracy."

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Former Kyrsten Sinema adviser on why she resigned