‘Turn the lights out’ on democracy if Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t come around on the filibuster: David Plouffe
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Screengrab.

Obama 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe called out Sen. Kyrsten Sinema on MSNBC on Thursday evening as the Arizona Democrat is increasingly isolated from her own party.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams read from a piece by The Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer.

Serwer wrote "Republicans are not blocking a bipartisan January 6 commission because they fear Trump, or because they want to "move on" from 2020. They are blocking a January 6 commission because they agree with the underlying ideological claim of the rioters, which is that Democratic electoral victories should not be recognized."

"David, a general question, it is about your party, it's about members of your party," Williams said. "Would you like to see a little more urgency, a little more attitude and anger these days?"

"Yeah, Brian, because it's all on the line," Plouffe replied.

" The most important issue now facing the country, and the politicians in Washington is saving this democracy.

"And Sen. Sinema, I'm glad she won her race in 2018, but she said today the filibuster is there to preserve democracy. But if we're left with a choice between saving the filibuster and ending democracy, let's just turn the lights out now, because that's where we're headed," Plouffe concluded.


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