Kansas City landlord came over to fix the heating -- he killed his tenant instead

Darryl Gilland and his girlfriend asked their landlord to come over to fix the heat, instead, Darryl ended up dead, reported the Daily Beast, citing the Kansas City Star.

It began when Gordon McBeth, 44, came over to the rental unit and the couple asked if they could use a space heater and that's when he "completely flipped," said the victim's girlfriend Samantha Pohlman. He was evidently angry that he had to "work" when he was on his day off.

Court documents say that McBeth stabbed Gilland more than 30 times after his girlfriend sent a message about the heat.

The couple had been together for five years and moved into the home together.

"At first, the guy was perfectly nice about it," Pohlman told KCTV. "He was like, 'yeah I'll come over and we'll do that' and then just out of nowhere he completely flipped and acted like we were asking too much and being a complete burden."

She said that McBeth pulled out a long knife that was in a sheath on his belt and started stabbing. Neighbors recalled "horrific screaming" from the couple's home. One neighbor rushed to the home seeing the attacker "on top" of Gilland continuing to stab him. Another neighbor pulled out a gun, holding him until police arrived, the court documents also said. Police recovered the knife from the scene.

"The guy said, 'If that's not good enough, I will kill you,' and then he pulled out a knife and started stabbing him," she told FOX4 KC. Gilland died in her arms. "I pet his head and I told him it was going to be OK and the ambulance was coming and that I loved him."

She remembered Gilland as a "sweet, nervous gentleman from the beginning" after they met online. The family called him a "Gentle giant."

Pohlman went on to recall how excited Gilland was when he got off of a call with his dad who had told him how proud he was. Speaking to the station with Gilland's girlfriend, the father began to cry saying he doesn't know what to do and he loved his son so much.

A GoFundMe page was set up because of the costs necessary to take Gilland's body to Indiana so he can be buried with his grandparents.

McBeth is being held on a $1 million bond.

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