Lara Trump triggered by change in Superman’s motto — saying it’s ‘very upsetting’
Lara Trump (screen grab)

Adviser to President Donald Trump, Lara Trump, is joining the growing list of conservatives being triggered by the evolution of the Superman comic books. As superheroes are evolving past the white, male, cis-gender, heterosexual identity, it has left the alien character in the dust.

While DC Comics haven't indicated one way or the other about whether the decision for marketing purposes or an effort to appeal to a larger audience, but it caused many on the right to lose faith in comic books they may not have ever even read.

Comics generally have a much more liberal vision for the world, which has attracted a readership that focuses on what is "right" and "good," beyond political ideologies or what is popular. Marvel revealed in July that Captain America likely would have freed Communists in Vietnam during the war.

In March 2020, DC released an animated series that showed how different Superman would have been if he landed in the former Soviet Union as a child instead of his alien ship landing in Smallville, Kansas.

It was just weeks ago that conservatives lost their minds over Superman's son, Jon Kent, coming out as bisexual, falling for reporter Jay Nakamura. Not only did Kent come out, but he saved hundreds of people from a collapsing building, participated in a protest for refugees where the people fleeing a corrupt Gamorra. Kent was one of those who helped save people previously in Gamorra. The refugee story parallels many of those feeling Central America for the United States.

The new Superman film has also removed the "American way" from the motto of "truth, justice and the American way." The reason for removing the motto might be to appeal to a readership outside of America.

Lara Trump didn't indicate whether she'd ever read a Superman comic book or if she reads the new adventures with Superman's son.

See the video below:

Lara Trump triggered by Superman's son