'My mother was a female': Larry Elder explodes at news anchor after she asks about his 'anti-women' remarks
Fox 11/screen grab

Larry Elder, a Republican candidate for California governor, lost his cool this week after a local television news anchor asked him about his history of remarks about women.

During an interview with Fox 11 on Wednesday, anchor Marla Tellez pointed to Elder's remarks about women, which were published in Capitalism Magazine in 2000.

"Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events," Elder wrote at the time.

The candidate became agitated as he told Tellez that his remarks had been taken out of context.

"I'm simply citing a study that was done 21 years ago," he insisted. "All of the sudden, that makes me anti-woman. I think that's extremely unfair."

"I didn't say you were anti-woman," Tellez clarified before her guest interrupted.

"I didn't say you said I was," Elder snapped, talking over the anchor. "Some of my critics have called me anti-woman because of a study 21 years ago. I've written 1,100 articles."

"Larry Elder is somehow now anti-female!" he exclaimed. "It's ridiculous! It has nothing to do with why I'm running."

The candidate ended his rant by calling the topic "a distraction."

"I certainly don't mean it to be a distraction," Tellez explained. "What are your overall views of women?"

"I have a healthy respect for women," Elder asserted. "Many of the senior staffers in my campaign are female. My communication director is a female. My director of fundraising is a female."

"My mother was a female," he added. "I had her on my radio show every Friday for almost 10 years and it was the most popular of my shows. And by the way, my mother was a Democrat."

Watch the video below.