WATCH: 'Class war' sends Larry Kudlow from fear to denial -- in under 30 seconds
Fox News screengrab.

Republicans are in a panic over Joe Biden's popular American Jobs Plan.

A recent poll showed 59% of Republicans support corporations paying higher taxes to pay for Democrats' infrastructure plan.

In response, former Trump advisor Larry Kudlow panicked over "class war" during a Fox News appearance with Pete Hegseth.

"This is about class warfare, is it not?" Kudlow asked.

"Yeah," Hegseth replied. "It's punitive."

"Tax the rich, tax successful people -- this is class warfare, everybody knows that.

Kudlow -- a Fox Business personality since losing his job after Joe Biden beat Trump -- then seemed to speak for the new administration, saying, "We don't like corporations in the new administration. We want to give all that money to social welfare programs that don't even have work requirements and we're going to turn everything over to the Green New Deal."

Less than thirty seconds after voicing fear of class warfare, Kudlow was denying it exists.

"There's no such thing as class warfare!" he exclaimed.

But it apparently exists enough for Kudlow to keep talking about it, this time employing belittlement as his rhetorical approach.

"Class warfare is a silly, socialist, Marxist view," Kudlow charged.