Longtime GOP lawmaker primaries Lauren Boebert for her ‘embarrassing juvenile antics’: report
Lauren Boebert for Congress and Don Coram on Facebook.

Controversial first-term Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is facing a primary challenge from a longtime state legislator.

"U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert will face a Republican challenger in Colorado's June primary election after state election officials announced Tuesday that state Sen. Don Coram submitted enough valid signatures on nominating petitions," the Denver Gazette reports. "The Montrose lawmaker said he's anxious to put up his record of delivering results for the Western Slope against what his campaign described as Boebert's 'embarrassing juvenile antics on the national stage.'"

Coram, who got his start as a school board member, was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2010 when a seat opened up because Scott Tipton was elected to Congress. In 2016, Coram was elected the state Senate. Tipton served five terms in Congress before losing to Boebert in the 2020 primary.

When Boebert won the primary, The New York Times described her as "a political novice and gun-rights activist who has spoken approvingly of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon."

On his website, Coram warns of "rhetoric, grandstanding, and cheap political tricks."

"When the fringe leaders of both political spectrums have taken all the oxygen in the room and act more like out-of-touch celebrities than members of Congress, we have a problem," he argued.

Boebert, however, has the support of Donald Trump.

"She is a fearless leader, a defender of the America First Agenda, and a fighter against the Loser RINOs and Radical Democrats," Trump argued in his December endorsement.

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