'Focused on herself': Lauren Boebert's Dem opponent pounces on her missing crucial vote
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert speaks during CPAC Texas 2022 conference. (Shutterstock.com)

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) won her reelection in 2022 by only around 600 votes -- and her Democratic opponent from last year is gearing up to make her pay for missing a key vote on the debt ceiling deal that passed last week.

The Daily Beast reports that Democrat Adam Frisch pounced on revelations that Boebert missed the big debt ceiling vote despite the fact that she was so publicly outspoken against the deal.

Even though the bill passed overwhelmingly and didn't hinge on Boebert's vote, Frisch argued to The Daily Beast that her actions nonetheless show that she simply doesn't take her job representing Colorado's 3rd Congressional District seriously.

“She’s not focused on the job,” Frisch said. “She’s focused on herself.”

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Frisch is also emphasizing to voters in the district that Boebert's missed vote wasn't just a one-off mistake but part of a pattern -- and The Daily Beast notes that he has data to back up his claim.

"In the session of Congress beginning in January, Boebert’s rate of missed votes has been among the highest of any member," the publication writes. "From January through March, she was in the 89th percentile of missed votes. From April through May, she was in the 96th percentile of missed votes."