WATCH: Boebert rants about Christians ‘taking ground in the spirit realm’ after being asked how to fight ‘illegitimate president’ Biden
Screenshot via Flash Point

During an appearance on the Victory Channel's Flash Point program this Wednesday, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was asked by host Gene Bailey what Christians need to be doing to "see America turn back to God" while an "illegitimate president" sits in the White House and enacts a "left agenda."

According to Boebert, Christians shouldn't let themselves be "distracted by what they're seeing in the natural."

"There are certainly things going on in the unseen that God is doing," she said. "God is working. He is always moving and asks us that we not give up hope."

"So don't get distracted by everything you're seeing on the outside," Boebert continued. "I believe that we are taking ground in the spirit realm, and we will see that come to light -- it has to take place there before we actually see it here in the natural."

Watch a portion of the video below: