Judge rejects pro-Lauren Boebert group's attempt to boot her Republican opponent off the ballot
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert speaking with attendees at the Phoenix Convention Center. (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

On Thursday, The Colorado Sun reported that a Denver District Judge Alex Myers has shot down a legal challenge from a group supportive of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) trying to disqualify her Republican primary opponent, state Sen. Don Coram, from the ballot.

"A lawsuit filed by a group that includes a man who has tried to discredit Coram and another who has donated to Boebert’s campaign alleged that 390 of the 1,568 petition signatures submitted by Coram and accepted by the Secretary of State’s Office were flawed. If the judge agreed, Coram would have fallen below the 1,500-signature threshold he needed to meet to make the primary ballot," reported Jesse Paul of The Colorado Sun.

"But Myers, in a 14-page ruling, found that only 19 of the signatures accepted by the Secretary of State’s Office should have been rejected, not enough to disqualify Coram from the primary."

One of the people behind the group, David "Dee" Laird, has attacked Coram for using signatures to qualify for the ballot at all, rather than going through the caucus system, writing two local letters to newspapers on the matter.

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"'Before being cajoled into signing his petition, voters should take a few moments to educate themselves and do their own background check on Coram. Check out corruptcoram.com,' Laird wrote in both letters," said the report.

"Corruptcoram.com is a website created by Boebert’s campaign to dubiously attack Coram, who is also from Montrose, over his work on hemp policy at the Colorado Capitol, calling it self-dealing because the state lawmaker once cultivated hemp himself."

Coram has spoken out against Boebert, an ally of former President Donald Trump, attacking her for "embarrassing juvenile antics" and "cheap political tricks."

This comes as another state judge in Colorado ruled that Dave Williams, a Republican candidate for another district in Colorado, cannot have "Let's Go Brandon" inserted into his name on the primary ballot.