'I better start something': Lauren Boebert explains how she trolls 'when I don't see a headline attacking me'
OAN/screen grab

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) explained recently that she often tries to troll the media when she doesn't see headlines "attacking" her.

During an interview on OAN, Boebert said that she had made an "error" by using campaign funds to pay utility and rent bills.

"It was an error," the lawmaker insisted. "Some money came out of the wrong account and we corrected it, self-reported it right away, talked to the FEC. Everything's fine. We sent a letter."

"And Democrats want to make a story about it," she continued. "When I don't see a headline attacking me, I kind of wonder if I'm not doing something right. Like, wait a second, where are the attacks today? I better start something."

Watch the video below from OAN.