Reporter fact-checks Lauren Boebert’s campaign mileage reimbursement using the size of the Earth
Sky Palma

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) filed her campaign disbursements and a major reimbursement she outlined in her financial reports.

According to Boebert, she drove 38,712 miles while campaigning in 2020, which entitles her to a $22,259 reimbursement. While it isn't outside the norm for a candidate to spend a lot of time driving during his or her campaign, the mileage is a little excessive. If Bobert drove 12 months with an average of 3,226 miles each month. That would mean she drove across the state of Colorado 8.5 times per month.

Given that a campaign finance report is quarterly, it makes things even more difficult. Driving 38,712 in 3 months would mean she drove 12,904 miles per month on average. That would mean she drove back and forth across the state just under 34 times. That's a lot of driving.

Politico reporter Marc Caputo put it in a different perspective. Claiming she drove 38,712 exceeds the entire circumference of the Earth by 13,811 miles. To put that in context, that leaves an extra 5 trips across the United States.