'I am angry!' Lauren Boebert throws screaming fit over Twitter's censorship of her 'freaking joke'
YouTube/screen grab

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) blasted former Twitter employees on Wednesday for allegedly "censoring" her account before Elon Musk purchased the social media platform.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, Boebert became irate as she recalled that Twitter had limited the visibility of her account.

"Did either of you approve the shadow-banning of my account?" Boebert asked former Twitter employees Vijaya Gadde and Yoel Roth.

Both witnesses said they had not approved restrictions on the lawmaker's personal Twitter account, but she was not satisfied.

"I know you looked at it because fascist Twitter 1.0 had a public interest exceptions policy, which means for members of Congress to be shadow-banned, it had to go before you, Mr. Roth," she asserted. "So, I'll ask again. Did you shadow-ban my account?"

"Again, not to the best of my recollection," Roth replied.

"So the answer, Mr. Roth, is yes, you did," Boebert announced before claiming that Twitter had shadow-banned her over a joke about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"It's a freaking joke about Hillary Clinton being angry that she couldn't rig her election!" Boebert exclaimed. "It's a joke! But in response, being the sinister overlords that you all are, you placed a 90-day account filter, so I could not be found!"

Boebert used the majority of her five-minute question period to yell at the witnesses about her personal acccount.

"I bet that Putin is sitting in the Kremlin wishing he had as much election intervention interference as you four here today!" she shouted. "We've heard about threats to Democracy; what about shutting down a duly-elected member of Congress? This is fundamental to our nation's governance, and you all attacked that very foundation!"

"I'm not angry for myself," Boebert insisted. "I'm not angry because I was silenced. I can reach out to Elon and to his staff and I can see what's happened. And I can sit here today and hold you all in account. I am angry for the millions of Americans who were silenced because of your decisions, because of your actions, because of your collusion with the federal government!"

Watch the video below from the House Oversight Committee.