Lauren Boebert buried on MSNBC for the GOP's 'worst moment' of 2021

Controversial first-term Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was roasted on MSNBC on Christmas Day for the "worst moment" the GOP suffered in 2021.

The comments came as Rev. Al Sharpton was awarding his "Revvie Awards" at the end of the year.

"I'm going to have to go with Lauren Boebert on this one," Ayman Mohyeldin said.

"Not only is she spreading Islamaphobia with her account of what did not happen, but the fact that she's actually lying and making up a story from scratch and then trying to fundraise on it, for me, I think it's just one of the lowest moments because it tells you what the GOP has sunk to," he explained. "They're using hate to try to raise money. They're perpetuating lies after lies, even when they're speaking behind closed doors in these fundraisers to their constituents, and they're doing it by dividing the country, not by bringing the country together."

"You talk about intentional Islamaphobia. to make up a situation that never happened and then throw your Islamaphobia," Sharpton said.

"She's so mean that she imagines this but she doesn't even have the courage to throw the insult and the racism in real life so it's just pitiful," Elise Jordan said. "What a wimp."


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