Reports of a newly leaked document suggest Russia is anticipating "a massive medical emergency" as a result of war casualties who may suffer as a result of the Russian Armed Forces' invasion of Ukraine.

The documents, which were obtained by ITV News, were reportedly signed by Deputy Health Minister Plutnitsky as he asked for medical teams "to be promptly involved in activities aimed at saving lives & preserving the health of people in Russia." As part of the medical emergency, ITV News' Emma Burrows is also reporting that the document detailed Russia's plan to "draft civilian medics from across the country."

On Friday, February 25, Burrows took to Twitter with a copy of the leaked document. With the notice, she tweeted, "I have been given a copy of document issued today by Russian Ministry of Health. It indicates Russia is anticipating a massive medical emergency & has ordered health organisations to immediately identify medical staff ready to relocate & work."

Business Insider offered a brief translation of the document reporting that it: "requests that medical institutions send a list of medical specialists and their details to the Russian health ministry to deploy them when needed. Medics that it is looking for include trauma, heart, maxillofacial and pediatric surgeons, anesthetists, radiologists, nurses (including for operating rooms), and infectious disease specialists."

The document also noted that individuals will be compensated under the "Federal Center of Medical Disasters" for their work. Speaking to ITV News, a Ukrainian military official weighed in on the document saying that it appears Russia "did not expect to face such a level of resistance and losses" and that they are "far from achieving their goals" of an abrupt ambush.

To make matters worse, there are also concerns that the document might mean Russian President Vladimir Putin could "go until the end, despite huge losses of personnel." So far, per the official Ukrainian Parliamentary Telegram channel, more than 3,000 Russian soldiers have been killed by the Ukrainian military.

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