Leaked messages show ex-Marine has plans for Maine to be an all-white ethnostate
Chris Pohlhuas/Twitter

According to private chat logs obtained by Vice News, a neo-Nazi and ex-Marine has plans to turn the state of Maine into an all-white ethnostate.

Chris Pohlhaus, 34, who has thousands of followers on his popular far-right social media network, sent a series of messages on Telegram that details his plans for white people to move to Maine and make a "white future" for themselves.

Speaking to Vice News, Pohlhaus said that he's "not doing anything illegal."

"I want to be in the coldest, [furthest], whitest area I can be," he said.

Reacting to his messages in the Telegram private chat room, some of Pohlhaus said that they now have ambitions to move to Maine. One person suggested a "Nazi home owners association" during the discussion.

"I don't see Maine ever getting below 75% white ever," another user wrote. "Maybe with our efforts we can raise it higher than it is now."

Pohlhaus is known for posting threats and racist statements in the online far-right ecosystem. He once said that "race traitors will get no human rights" in the coming "war." He also recently praised the Canadian man who mowed down a Muslim family of five (killing four of them) with his truck in an Islamophobic terror attack in London, Ontario.

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