'Learn to read': GOP’s Madison Cawthorn brutally mocked for claiming bombshell Trump report was 'retracted'
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

The Washington Post recently added a correction to a report that featured a detailed look how former President Trump "urged Georgia's lead elections investigator to identify wrongdoing in the state's vote in a December phone call, saying the official would be praised for doing so."

The report, at the time of its publication, was based on an anonymous source who had been briefed about the call.

A phone recording was later released by Georgia's secretary of state, showing that the Post had misquoted a few of Trump's comments on the call. In particular, Trump never said the phrase "find the fraud."

In a tweet this Monday, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) jumped on the correction, incorrectly calling it a "retraction."

"BREAKING: The Washington Post just RETRACTED their story on Trump's phone call with Georgia's Secretary of State," Cawthorn tweeted. "WaPo admits that they LIED about the whole thing. Left wing media is owned by the Democrat lie machine. Retweet if you're not even remotely surprised."

In the comment thread beneath his tweet, people pointed out that a correction and a retraction are two entirely different things.