'Lethal-looking, burly, bearded man' lied he was RNC 'security' during Virginia ballot counting
Security guard from GOP candidate (Photo: Laura Vozzella/Twitter)

A slate of Trumpy and Trumpier Republicans signed up to run for governor in Virginia, but after casting ballots at the "unassembled" GOP convention, the party continues to count the votes.

At one point, however, a large "burly bearded" man reportedly appeared outside the room where the count was taking place. He claimed he was from the national Republican Party, reported The Virginia Mercury's Ned Oliver. Virginia GOP chairman Rich Anderson had to wake up an RNC official, who confirmed that the party never sent anyone as security.

"He was ominous and lethal looking," Anderson told the reporter, though he noted that the man was perfectly polite.

"Some of the observers from the political campaigns seemed more unnerved, saying it resulted in a bizarre standoff at the door," said Oliver. "They believe one of the campaigns hired him after a maid breached the room to deliver coffee, but haven't been able to confirm."

An update from Laura Vozzella at the Washington Post revealed that the "security" guard was hired by the state Republicans.