‘Unbelievable’: Brazen hate crime suspects set fire to man’s Pride flag outside his own home

James Grant Wilson of Lexington, Kentucky, had a Pride flag outside his home that was ripped down and burned by two unidentified suspects early Monday morning in an incident that's being described as a hate crime, LEX18 reports.

"You can see 'em walking up and that one's holding the phone while both of them are lighting it," said Wilson. “It's kinda unbelievable that they were that brazen.”

While police are investigating the incident as a hate crime and are searching for the suspects, Wilson says he doesn't "want to ruin someone's life over something like this."

"But I want them to be aware that that's not okay," said Wilson. “Gay people do have a right to exist."

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“A flag represents a lot for the gay community,” said Wilson. "You're burning something that represents our ability to be open and out in the community without having to live in fear and that kind of thing makes it feel like we have to go back into hiding.”

When his neighbors heard what happened, they created sidewalk art of chalk expressing their support for the gay community.

Watch LEX18's report on the story below:

Police investigating hate crime www.youtube.com