‘Like a sick joke’: Tucker Carlson and other conservatives made him hesitant – then COVID-19 killed him
(Screenshot via KING-5)

An unvaccinated man from Lake Stevens, Washington, has died from COVID-19 and now his family is sharing his story in the hope it will inspire people to get vaccinated, KING-5 reports.

Patrick Lane's daughter Katie said her dad planned to get vaccinated, but was likely hesitant thanks to the right-wing media he consumed.

"He'd watch YouTube videos of Tucker Carlson. We think he was a victim of misinformation," she said, adding that her dad was not anti-vaccine -- he was waiting for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give the vaccines full approval.

Nevertheless, Patrick contracted the virus before getting his shot and began deteriorating quickly.

"It honestly kind of felt like a sick joke," said Katie. "When he was placed on the ventilator, I was told there was still hope, but part of me knew that was the beginning of the end."

Two weeks later, Patrick died at 45-years-old. His family said he had no underlying conditions.

"When he was a kid, he didn't know what he wanted to be when he grew up. He just knew he wanted to be a dad," Katie told KING-5. "If another dad is out there listening, I just want them to stay here with their kids."

Watch KING-5's report on the story below:

Lake Stevens family pleads for people to get vaccinated after father dies from COVID-19 www.youtube.com