Trump-loving lawyer Lin Wood says GA state bar's request for a mental health exam violates his privacy -- but Wood himself made the request public
Screenshot via YouTube

As part of its overall investigation into Lin Wood, the pro-Trump conspiracist lawyer who's disseminated false claims about mass voter fraud in the 2020 election, the state bar of Georgia requested that he undergo a mental health examination. Wood responded by suing the members of the Georgia state bar's disciplinary board in March, saying that the request is a violation of his privacy.

"The actions brought against me by the State Bar of Georgia, are frivolous," Wood told Reuters earlier this month. "They are driven by the political agenda of the elite establishment that presently controls the Georgia bar."

But in a response to his lawsuit, the state bar said that there's no way they could have violated Wood's privacy, since he was the one who made their request to evaluate his mental health public in the first place.

"...[Wood] fails to mention that he posted about the request on 1/26/21, days before the articles were published," the state bar's response notes, adding that he "cannot complain that his privacy was violated or that he suffered harm due to the disclosure of this request when he was the one who publicized it."