Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood claims 'communists' have rigged the Georgia elections in unhinged rant
Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood. (Fox News screengrab)

On Tuesday, pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood took to Twitter to claim that the Georgia elections were rigged by "communists" — and that they engineered it to be a split result between incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler and challenger Jon Ossoff.

Wood also claimed, with no evidence, that these communists were responsible for blocking Rep. Doug Collins, a Republican challenger to Loeffler, from advancing to the runoff in the first place.

In recent weeks, Wood — who was disavowed by allies of President Donald Trump and has been rejected over and over again in court when trying to allege voter fraud — has raised eyebrows with a series of bizarre claims in recent weeks, including that billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was secretly still alive and Chief Justice John Roberts may have had a role in Antonin Scalia's death.