Lin Wood goes off on Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn in Telegram rant about fraud and the occult
David Edwards

Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer captured a post on Telegram from lawyer Lin Wood, a loyalist of former President Donald Trump who launched many 2020 election lawsuits.

According to Wood, Fox News host Tucker Carlson allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to bash him during their special on the acquitted shooter of three. Wood then lashed out at attorney Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn for not defending him from the "false ambush attack against me."

"Hey, Sidney, I thought you loved me!!!" wrote Wood. "Hey, Sidney, did you put my name on those fraud complaints you filed around the country in which I had no input but have been used to vicariously attack me? Hey, Sidney, is Defend the under investigation by federal authorities related to its finances? Hey, Sidney, are you in a multi-million dollar dispute with General Flynn? For some reason, Sidney will not return my calls to discuss these matters with me. So I hope she will see this Telegram message and call me."

Wood then repeated a new QAnon conspiracy theory that Gen. Michael Flynn delivered an occult prayer.

"We are your instrument of those sevenfold rays and all your archangels, all of them," Flynn said, during a prayer at a Nebraska church. He added, "We will be the instrument of your will, whatever it is. In your name, and in the name of your legions, we are freeborn, and we shall remain freeborn, and we shall not be enslaved by any foe."

QAnon followers thought "sevenfold rays" and "legions" was unusual.

"A lot of people in the Christian world believe that when you pray to rays of light and legions that you're praying to the devil," said Paul Oebel in an interview with Flynn for his YouTube channel.

Leaders in the Q community have urged a split from Flynn, fearing that he was a secret Satanist the whole time.

"General Flynn owes the Patriots an honest explanation of this occult prayer," demanded Wood.

See the screen captures below: