‘This is insane’: Mike Lindell warns communist China could ‘make up nonsensical things’ about elections
Real America's Voice/screen grab

On day one of his non-stop 72-hour "cyber symposium" pillow entrepreneur and Trump acolyte Mike Lindell babbled on and on, at one point insisting that "Communist China" was planning on taking over America in "3025," which presumably meant 2025, one year after the next presidential election.

"It's pretty easy" to take over the country, claimed Lindell, who is often called a conspiracy theorist and a propagator of false election fraud claims, speaking during the event which is being live-streamed by One America News (OAN), the far right media outlet that was sued today by Dominion Voting Systems for defamation. The event's chyron is advertising his product and offers viewers "up to 66% off!"

"If you take an election, and you own an election and no vote ever matters again, then you get – you can make decisions on everything. You can order, you can order this, things like shut down the 50,000 union jobs you can order borders opened up, and fentanyl and human trafficking come in," Lindell warned.

"You can, you can make up nonsensical things like they did in California when they put up things during this China virus they put up, they made them build outside enclosures like Minnesota at the restaurants, made 'em build it. We had to eat outside in the snow you ever had the highest snow may put their plate on top of it. It's crazy, and California though, I'll give you one example. I went out there to visit a friend of mine, and this was after the Superbowl. And there's this beautiful restaurant you still couldn't eat inside and just by building another building with plastic and stuff. And we talked about the Super Bowl, 'yeah, I put all this money into the Super Bowl.' You know what they did in California? It said, no TVs in the buildings for the Super Bowl is for the restaurants. Are you kidding me?" Lindell exclaimed.

"All I know is part of my family couldn't go there. And then the Christmas, they gave us a little more. This is, this is insane."