'Are you serious?' Lindsey Graham stuns BBC reporter by insisting US will re-invade Afghanistan
BBC/screen grab

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) surprised BBC host Stephen Sackur this week by claiming that the United States will send troops back to Afghanistan.

Graham made the remarks during an interview on BBC's HARDtalk program, where he praised former President Donald Trump.

"He rebuilt the military," Graham said. "Whether you like Trump or not, whether you believe it's Trump's fault or Biden's fault, here's where we're at as a world. The Taliban are not reformed, they're not new. They have a view of the world out of sync with modern times."

"But most importantly, they're going to give safe haven to Al Qaeda who has ambitions to drive us out of the Middle East writ large," he continued. "We will be going back into Afghanistan as we went back into Iraq and Syria."

"Are you serious?" Sackur interrupted. "You think the United States will once again, in the foreseeable future, put troops back into Afghanistan?"

"We'll have to," Graham insisted. "Because the threat will be so large."

Watch the video below from BBC.