Lindsey Graham takes veiled shot at Trump and DeSantis without once saying their names
Lindsey Graham / Shutterstock.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday took a shot at the foreign policy views of both former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, although he did not call out either man by name.

Writing on Twitter, Graham criticized the stance taken by DeSantis earlier this week in which he said that defeating Russia's attempt to conquer a neighboring country was not a major priority for the United States.

"To those who believe that Russia’s unprovoked and barbaric invasion of Ukraine is not a priority for the United States – you are missing a lot," Graham cautioned. "Ukraine willingly gave up their nuclear weapons in 1994 in exchange for Russia’s recognition of Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty, which included Crimea. Putin is openly saying that his long term goal is to recreate the old Russian empire and he has no intention of stopping in Ukraine."

Graham then linked Russia's invasion of Ukraine to Republicans' stated goal of deterring military aggression of the Chinese Communist Party in East Asia.

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"China’s claim to Taiwan is also based on the proposition of a territorial dispute," he said, in a direct shot of DeSantis' description of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a territorial dispute. "I hope both the Democrat and Republican parties will reject this proposition."

Both Trump and DeSantis have expressed opposition to the Biden administration's arming of Ukraine, with Trump going so far as to say that giving Ukraine weapons to defend itself will lead to "World War III."