GOP senator calls out 'jackassery' during Judge Jackson hearing

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) warned of "jackassery" from people "mugging" for the cameras during the third day of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings.

The Republican senator said Wednesday that he was concerned with public trust in the Supreme Court and disagreed with the idea of putting the justices on camera. "I think I differ from a lot of my colleagues on this who are advocates for cameras in the courtroom," he said. "I get their position that transparency is a virtue. Transparency is a good thing."

But Sasse added that a "huge reason" that Congress does not work well "is because we have cameras everywhere."

"Cameras change human behavior," he continued. "We know this... The jackassery we often see around here is partly because of people mugging for short-term camera opportunities, and it is definitely a second, third and fourth order effect the court should think through before it has advocates in there who are not only trying to persuade you nine justices, but also trying to get on cable that night or create a viral video."

Sasse then pivoted to criticizing his Democratic colleagues, suggesting their public statements were undermining the Supreme Court's legitimacy.

"Some of the ways the court has been derided and called illegitimate by members of this Senate, include over the course of recent days and weeks, 'leans into extreme partisanship, leans into extremism, twists the law, threatens basic liberties, has been hijacked by Republicans.' These kinds of attacks undermine the public's trust in the court," he said.

Watch video below:

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(Correction: A previous version of this story claimed that Ben Sasse had put Ted Cruz on notice. Sasse did not mention Ted Cruz in his comments on Wednesday.)