Trump-loving lawyer Lin Wood loses his lawsuit seeking to halt a psychiatric exam by the State Bar of Georgia

Lin Wood, a pro-Trump attorney who became infamous for backing QAnon conspiracy theories, has failed in his effort to halt a psychiatric evaluation as required by the Georgia Bar Association.

"Clearly, there is a grievance proceeding in the State Bar against Wood. Wood Argues that because he filed this action before there was a finding of probable cause against him, this factor is not satisfied," said the court documents. "However, he cites no law to support his contention that a probable. He cites no law to support the proposition that he has a property right not to be asked to consent to a mental health evaluation. And, as a Defendants pointed out, he has been provided a notice of the claims against him and will have an opportunity to defend himself and raise any constitutional issues before any public discipline is imposed."

Wood could lose his law license in the state after filing many lawsuits nationwide that spouted unfounded conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. Under the Georgia Bar Association rules, a mental illness can be grounds for disbarment.

Reuters reported last month that the mental health assessment isn't the key component to the competency ruling of Wood. It's part the overall examination of him.

"The actions brought against me by the State Bar of Georgia, are frivolous," Wood told Reuters. "They are driven by the political agenda of the elite establishment that presently controls the Georgia bar."

Wisconsin is another state going after Wood.

See the screen captures of the documents below: