Expert: Liz Cheney is 'leaving breadcrumbs' for Merrick Garland to start charging Trump's circle with crimes
Federal appeals court judge Merrick Garland. (AFP)

On MSNBC Friday, former federal prosecutor Danya Perry outlined how Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has a bigger goal in mind than simply airing former President Donald Trump's wrongdoing to the American people.

Rather, Perry argued, she wants Attorney General Merrick Garland to start charging crimes — and gave him the tools to do it.

"It's very clear to me that if Liz Cheney, particularly, but others, are thinking, in the statutory criminal U.S. Code terms, you know, this is something, the potential — crimes that you have talked about," said anchor Chris Hayes. "And one of the things that you talk about there is the essence of a conspiracy, is an agreement to commit an unlawful act. Specifically, further that objective. The defendant need only know the essential nature of the plan, the core wrong to be committed, not every detail. I was thinking about that as I was watching them establish, in that first part of the Cheney argument, he knew, he knew, he knew."

"Yeah, Liz Cheney was prosecutorial in her opening statement," said Perry. "She was methodical, deliberate, crisp. And she really gave the overview of what it would take to establish the elements of that crime. She actually ticked off — there were some, you know, she was dropping breadcrumbs, I think, for folks like me, what years you were kind of in the know, but really more for Merrick Garland, no doubt."

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Perry then provided examples of some of the language Cheney used that signaled she's trying to get Garland's attention.

"She uses terms like 'corruptly influenced' or 'obstructed an official proceeding,'" said Perry. "And she talks about specific criminal intent. So, yeah, she's giving a presentation to the American watching public. She's also got an audience of one, I believe. And that's the attorney general."

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Danya Perry says Liz Cheney is leaving "breadcrumbs" for Merrick Garland