Wyoming GOP votes to disown Liz Cheney as a Republican for her criticism of Trump
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) appears on CNN.

On Monday, the Casper Star-Tribune reported that the Republican Party of Wyoming has voted to stop recognizing Rep. Liz Cheney as a Republican, in retaliation for her criticisms of former President Donald Trump as a liar and a threat to democracy.

"The resolution, which does not strip Cheney of any tangible power, passed the Wyoming GOP Central Committee by a narrow vote of 31-29," reported Victoria Eavis. "The symbolic vote came after roughly nine county Republican parties voted to no longer recognize Cheney, Joey Correnti, chairman of the Carbon County GOP and one of the officials spearheading the effort, estimated. A number of those county central committees passed the resolution with much wider margins than the state committee, with some passing the resolution unanimously."

Cheney, who sits on the House commission investigating the January 6 Capitol attack, has been one of the most outspoken Republican critics of Trump, and one of ten Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Trump for incitement to insurrection. While GOP leadership initially stood by her, she was ultimately ousted from her role as chair of the House Republican Conference and is now a paraiah among Trump supporters in her state.

Undaunted, Cheney has pushed back against the GOP for targeting her while allowing far-right extremists in the caucus, with her office saying, "It's sad but not surprising that [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy is continuing down the morally bankrupt path of embracing House Republicans who are white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, but attacking Liz Cheney for telling the truth and standing for the Constitution."