Man dressed as the Lone Ranger defends his right to the use N-word at Georgia county meeting
(Screenshot via News9)

During a live-streamed commission meeting in Walker County, Georgia, on Thursday night, a man named Ray C. Bernpen -- also known as "the Lone Ranger" -- stepped up to speak during the public comment portion of the meeting.

As local media outlet NewsChannel9 reports, Bernpen defended the Confederate flag, saying it wasn't a racist symbol. He also said there's nothing wrong with the N-word. "There is nothing wrong with it...we're colored too," he said.

Bernpen went on to say that white supremacy doesn't exist.

According to NewsChannel9, the commissioners let him rant without reprimanding him or canceling his allotted time.

Video of Bernpen's comments was uploaded to the county's Facebook page, but was later deleted and re-uploaded with Bernpen's comments edited out.