Vax-bashing hair stylist whines about feeling 'judged' after being told she doesn't deserve a hospital bed: reporter
Depiction of a COVID-19 patient in the hospital. (

CBS News correspondent David Begnaud on Friday reported a story he'd heard about an anti-vaccination hair stylist in his home state of Louisiana, which is being hit hard at the moment by the novel coronavirus.

In a Twitter thread posted Friday, Begnaud explained a story a friend had told him that her hair stylist this week grew defensive when confronted about her refusal to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

"I got a call from a woman who went to get her hair cut today. Her hairstylist is an anti-VAXer (but believes in and has long taken non FDA approved supplements). This woman, who's fully vaccinated, showed up wearing a mask," Begnaud reported. "The stylist told her she didn't need it. The client said that she preferred to wear it. As the cut started, the stylist said, according to the client, that if she got sick with Covid and died 'it was just her time to go.'"

The stylist's sister is currently hospitalized with coronavirus and she said that she would join her there if she got sick with the disease.

That's when the client started challenging her.

"The client said to the stylist that if she got sick she ought not go to the hospital and take up a bed, to which the stylist said 'I feel like you're judging me,'" Begnaud reported.

The stylist also reportedly revealed how she is getting information about vaccines.

"The stylist said she gets her information from a lot of people who sit in her chair for services," Begnaud reported. "The client asked if the stylist had spoken to her doctor. The stylist would not say."

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