Louisiana police chief charged with offering to drop charges against suspects in exchange for sex

A former Louisiana police chief turned himself in on Tuesday after a grand jury charged him with five felony counts of malfeasance in office, WBRZ reports.

Kenny Payne later bonded out of jail. He has been accused of offering to drop people's charges in exchange for sex. One of the counts is in regards to an incident where he asked a subordinate to delete text messages that he sent to a victim. He also reportedly asked Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi "to not conduct or to cease conducting an investigation of him."

"Payne has been the focus of numerous WBRZ Investigative Unit reports that showed he allegedly asked a woman for sexual favors in exchange for having her boyfriend's charges dropped. WBRZ interviewed the woman, who says she was asked to give him a 'BJ' in exchange to have her boyfriend's charges dropped. Sources said Payne erased his cell phone amid the investigation," EBRZ reported.

"He made me show him my phone when I first got in there to make sure my phone was off and nothing could be recorded, because he said this could jeopardize not just his job but his whole life," she said. "He said, 'I know you are willing to do anything to get him out .'He took a sticky note off the lady's desk. It was a big pack, and he wrote 'will you give me a B.J. to get him out of trouble?' He took it and did this and showed it to me."

Watch WBRZ's report on the story below:

INVESTIGATIVE UNIT: Plaquemine police chief booked for malfeasance after grand jury indictment www.youtube.com