‘Love wins. You lose Jenna’: Ellis slammed for attack on Biden as a ‘fake Catholic’
Jenna Ellis -- Fox News screenshot

Former Trump personal and campaign attorney Jenna Ellis says President Joe Biden is a "fake Catholic" because he changed the header of his Twitter page to a logo honoring LGBTQ Pride Month:

Ellis, now an attorney for the far right Thomas More Society, calls herself a "constitutional law attorney," a designation both The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal suggest she does not deserve, having never argued a case in federal court. The Journal disputes her claim of being a former "attorney for the U.S. Department of State," saying "she doesn't appear in federal payroll records as an agency employee."

She does, however, believe the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted through the lens of the Bible, and self-published a book saying so.

"America is in the midst of a cultural and constitutional law crisis that began more than sixty years ago and was further exacerbated by the 2015 Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision," her book's description on Amazon begins.

Ellis, who claims to be a devout Catholic, slammed Biden for his support of the LGBTQ community during Pride month, showing why Pride Month remains so necessary.

She has been targeting and attacking LGBTQ people during Pride Month, as she did on Tuesday:

But it's not going well for her.