'Where is everybody?' Rachel Maddow delivers brutal takedown of last weekend's sparsely attended MAGA rally
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow began her Monday show addressing the crowd size in Washington, D.C., for the protest against arrests for the Jan. 6 attack.

"Where is everybody?" she asked, laughing at the small crowd.

She explained that there seemed to be multiple police and guard troops for every protester in attendance. At one point, Maddow said that even the media seemed to outnumber the crowd.

"When there is a big march or rally in Washington, a big gathering sometimes news outlets will use like, you know, crowd size experts or aerial views of the crowd to do a bunch of complicated math to try to approximate the size of the crowd. In this case, you could just literally just kind of eenie, meenie money, moe, count them all up by hand," said Maddow. "Capitol Police said in total there were around 400 people or so milling around that site at the front of the Capitol on Saturday but most of the 400 were not actually protesters. If you actually zoom in on the crowd, this is what it looked like."

She showed a photo of a man who appeared to be wearing a dead badger on his head surrounded by cameras.

"This guy was counted as two though because of him and his badger," joked Maddow. "Why wouldn't you count the badger?"

She noted that there were so few people at the event the press lined up to do interviews for individual protesters because there simply weren't enough protesters to do interviews.

Maddow then pointed out a man and his dog wearing his own military-looking outfit. She noted that the dog, which appeared to be a Great Dane, actually looked a little like a small horse.

"The rally turned out to be such a nothing burger that the poor police horses didn't really have anything to do either," she said, showing photos. "It was a nice day for them to be out there. They all seemed to have gotten a little extra horsey kibble as a treat. I don't know if you call it kibble when it comes to horses. This rally on Saturday sort of turned into the easiest possible game of Where's Waldo? There was a lot of space. There are literally more people currently being prosecuted for trying to violently overthrow the government than there were people at this rally arguing all those people should be set free."

She speculated if perhaps supporters of Donald Trump mistook Washington state for Washington, D.C. and ended up in the wrong place.

"The sad little trombone womp, womp, womp, was supposed to be the triumphant return of Trump supporters to Washington, D.C. for the first time since they violently attacked the U.S. Capitol in January in an effort to try to physically stop the election results from being certified and thereby to block Joe Biden from becoming president," she explained. "They all stormed the capitol on Jan. 6 because Donald Trump said the election was stolen from him."

She noted that this Saturday was supposed to be the powerful stand for Trump supporters. Ultimately, however, it ended up just being some dude and his dog.

Meanwhile, she noted that Trump sent out a profanity-filled press release after the rally that sounded nonsensical even for him.

See the opener below:

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