How a luxury hotel orgy ended with the murder of a Florida tycoon

It began when José Rosado returned to his Madrid hotel room with "two or three" men at the end of October, surveillance videos show. When hotel workers opened the door to his luxury room, he was dead.

The Daily Beast revealed the strange story Tuesday after two men were arrested for the crime.

Rosado, a 42-year-old American tycoon, became the CEO of a Spanish shipyard, Hijos de J. Barreras, in 2020. The company was established in 1892. It was discovered that he was poisoned, though that finding almost didn't happen.

According to the report, the police didn't think that Rosado had died of anything other than natural causes, even though there were fatal doses of alcohol and psychotropic substances in his system. It wasn't until his partner noticed that several of his belongings were missing that police began an investigation. They ultimately concluded that Rosado was likely killed in a "chemical submission" attempt. Chemical submission is when an individual is drugged so they can be raped or robbed.

"Police remanded into custody a 39-year-old Romanian, who had nine previous arrests, and a 29-year-old Moroccan man with 17 arrests for what police described as 'similar events,'" said the Beast.

The theory is that the men lured Rosado from a party on Oct. 29. They went back to his hotel room and that's when Rosado likely became unconscious and the men robbed him. The men likely stole Rosado's credit card for shopping, police believe. Police discovered the suspects after DNA was found at the scene. Police discovered "a combined €2,500 in cash, new mobile phones and other computer equipment, jewelry and documents that did not belong to them, which may have been used for fraudulent activity," the report said.

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