Georgia sports reporter shares video of fans who 'violated' her on camera
Lyndsey Gough/Twitter/screen grab

Lyndsey Gough, a sports reporter for WTOC in Georgia, shared a video of celebratory fans touching her and violating her space.

Gough was covering Georgia's defeat of the Clemson football team on Saturday night when she said that fans entered her personal space.

The video shows multiple men touching Gough and interrupting her as she tried to work.

"Got all kinds of violated during my first live hit by fans," she lamented on Twitter. "After the first guy touched me I started rolling... this isn't even all of it. So uncomfortable. Can we please respect people's space."

After posting the video, Gough responded to harassment by male commenters.

"[L]et me guess... we're going to me2 drunk sports fans.... the kitchen is always a safe place," one man wrote.

"It's the misogynistic comments for me," Gough replied, retweeting the man's insult.

Watch the video below.